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30 Jan

JTJB News January 2015

JTJB’S NEW DEPUTY MANAGING PARTNER                           We are delighted to announce the appointment of John Sze as Equity Partner and Deputy Managing Partner with effect from 1 January 2015. John started his legal career with JTJB as a pupil in 2003. He has moved up

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15 Jan

Legal Update January 2015

FORMATION OF THE SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL COURT At the opening of the legal year on 5 January 2015, the Singapore International Commercial Court (“SICC”) was officially launched by the Chief Justice of Singapore, Mr Sundaresh Menon. The launch of the SICC aims to further promote Singapore as a neutral forum for international dispute resolution, alongside

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31 Dec

JTJB News December 2014

JTJB GO KART CHALLENGE 2014 JTJB hosted our very first Go Kart Challenge on 5th December 2014, Friday at Kartright Speedway. A total of 10 teams participated in the Challenge; 8 corporate teams and 2 JTJB teams made up of JTJB partners Dato’ Jude P Benny and John Sze and senior management personnel from various

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15 Dec

Legal Update December 2014

THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF FAMILY JUSTICE IN SINGAPORE A comprehensive review of the Family Justice system was conducted in 2013 and 2014 through the formation of a Review Committee and an extensive public consultation exercise. The Committee’s key recommendations have been adopted and were implemented through the enactment of the Family Justice Act. These include:

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28 Nov

JTJB News November 2014

  JTJB PARTICIPATES IN THE ASIA PACIFIC MARITIME AND OFFSHORE CONFERENCE 2014 JTJB’s Managing Partner K Murali Pany was a member of the Maritime Arbitration Panel at the Asia Pacific Maritime and Offshore Conference 2014 held on 30th October 2014. The Panel was chaired by Mr. Lee Wai Pong, Executive Director of Singapore Chamber of

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14 Nov

Legal Update November 2014

AN OVERVIEW OF THE LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) has received widespread attention from the public lately due to two high profile legal tussles.  One case was between former China tour guide Yang Yin and the niece of wealthy widow Madam Chung Khin Chun, 87, over her estimated $40 million

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30 Oct

JTJB News October 2014

JTJB HOSTS 2ND ADVOC MARITIME CONFERENCE Following the Success of the 1st ADVOC Maritime Conference held in London last year, JTJB organized the 2nd ADVOC Maritime Conference in Singapore on 16 October 2014. The Conference was held at the Singapore Cricket Club and featured 12 speakers from multiple jurisdictions who shared perspectives on a wide spectrum of legal

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15 Oct

Legal update October 2014

Paragon Shipping Pte Ltd v Freight Connect (S) Pte Ltd [2014] SGHC 165 This case concerned a dispute involving the charter of vessels. The Defendant approached the Plaintiff to obtain a vessel to ship certain cargo from the port of Nanwei, China to Singapore. The Plaintiff was able to procure a suitable vessel (the “1st

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30 Sep

JTJB News September 2014

  NEW PARTNER AT JTJB KUALA LUMPUR OFFICE                           JTJB welcomes a new addition to the team with Captain Mohan Das Nair joining our KL Office, Rahayu Partnership, in September 2014 as a litigation partner. Capt. Mohan commenced his legal career in 2003

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15 Sep

Legal Update September 2014

ASSESSMENT OF DAMAGES The “Achilleas” [2008] UKHL 48 In the “Achilleas”, the defendant time charterers redelivered the vessel late by 9 days. The claimant shipowners had entered into a follow on charter. As a result of the charterers’ late redelivery, the follow on charterers became entitled to cancel the new fixture, and the shipowners had

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